12 Acts of Kindness In Memory of the Borderline 12

12 Acts of Kindness


In memory of those taken on November 7, 2018, and in honor of those that survived, this campaign is designed to encourage the community to perform 12 Acts of Kindness. An act of kindness can be simple and performed on behalf of those closest to you, a stranger, an organization, or for some, an act of kindness for themselves.  

The campaign is mix of printable items and social media imagery for use across all platforms. The concept is to encourage everyone to participate in the way that is best for them. Participating in 12 Acts of Kindness does not require anyone to spend money, which is a critical aspect. Raising awareness around how many simple Acts of Kindness are possible and helping the healing process for the community is the goal of this campaign.  

Anyone is free to use the campaign assets as they see fit from November 1 through November 30. 

More information at 12 Acts of Kindness Campaign.

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12 Acts of Kindness in Memory of the Borderline 12