Congresswoman Julia Brownley presents $963,000 to the County of Ventura for Regional Public Safety Radio Project


VENTURA, Calif. – On Wednesday, April 3, Congresswoman Brownley presented $963,000 to the County of Ventura to upgrade the region’s 15-year-old analog simulcast radio communications system. The funds will go toward establishing a state-of-the-art digital radio communication system which will utilize 700MHz frequencies. The upgraded radio system will be used by all public safety entities throughout the county to improve communications interoperability for public safety and first responder individuals as they respond to incidents and disasters.

“The importance of ensuring our law enforcement and public safety entities in Ventura County have access to high-quality, reliable communications equipment cannot be overstated,” said Congresswoman Julia Brownley. “Not only will this state-of-the-art communication system facilitate better communication and coordination between agencies, but all of our cities and residents will benefit from streamlined services that will lower costs and redundancies. This is truly a win-win for everyone across the region. In advocating for this project, my motivation was to ensure that our renowned and sophisticated law enforcement, public safety professionals, and first responders have the renowned and sophisticated equipment they need to support their mission and their work.”

Residents throughout Ventura County will benefit from the upgraded system as it will allow agencies at both the city and county level to access the latest communications technology and transform the current analog radio system to digital. As well, the new radio system includes substantial cost reductions to local agencies by preventing expensive and redundant investments in singular radio communications systems, providing centralized and more comprehensive support for the first responders radio system.

“As a first responder, I can tell you every moment counts,” stated Sheriff Jim Fryhoff. “These upgrades will improve communications interoperability across our first responder agencies and ultimately lead to faster and more comprehensive response to incidents in our community.”

The regional system will broadcast from 19 towers across the County and communications from those on scene and enroute can be repeated. In the current state, radio traffic from cities can often not reach beyond their municipal borders, making it harder for them to coordinate mutual aid from outside agencies until they are within range. Additional advantages of the upgraded system include data and media transmission through cellular integration with other smart devices and connection with FirstNet for nationwide interoperability.

“Our County has experienced a number of incidents that have demonstrated the importance of clear and timely communication across our public safety entities,” stated 4th District Supervisor Janice Parvin, Vice Chair of the Board of Supervisors. “We are grateful for Congresswoman Brownley’s recognition of the importance of this project.”