Board of Supervisors approve $3.04 billion balanced budget for fiscal year 2024-2025


Ventura, CA – On Monday, June 17, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a $3.04 billion balanced budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 following the County’s annual budget hearing. The budget focuses on Board priorities and supports long-term sustainability of essential County programs, including funding for core county services such as social services, health care, and public safety.

“I appreciate the work of our directors from across our 25 County agencies and the efforts they have put in to develop a budget to support our County and community,” stated 3rd District Supervisor Kelly Long, Chair of the Board of Supervisors. “Some challenging decisions were made, but we approve this budget with the greatest good for our community in mind and based on the needs to continue to support the programs that serve our residents.”

Key budget highlights include total County appropriations of $3.04 billion, an increase of $186 million or 6.5% from the prior year. General fund appropriations include $1.44 billion, which represents an increase of $89.9 million or 6.7% from the prior year. Countywide full-time equivalent position allocations increased by 237 from the previous year creating a total of 10,513 positions within the county workforce.

“The County strives to provide superior public service and craft a budget that supports the carefully considered policies that are in place to serve the residents of our community,” said Dr. Sevet Johnson, County Executive Officer. “This budget reflects the strategic approach and action put forth by County leadership to ensure the County continues to remain fiscally sound. The resolute leadership of the Board of Supervisors has provided a guiding vision and continues to maintain our solemn responsibility to safeguard and prudently allocate taxpayer funds with the purpose to ensure each dollar is utilized with integrity and purpose.”

Since October 2023, the Board of Supervisors has taken over 490 actions that support the implementation of the updated 2024-2027 County Strategic Plan. Some of those projects and investments include:

  • Homelessness: Application for up to $2.6 million in homeless housing, assistance, and prevention funding, 15 full-time positions across the Human Services Agency, County Executive Office, and Sheriff’s Office, and positions for Homeless and Housing Solutions Directors.
  • Capital Projects: Over $25 million in funding for the East County Crisis Stabilization Center in Simi Valley, the Mental Health Rehabilitation Center at Lewis Road in Camarillo, and Recuperative Care Center at Knoll Drive in Ventura.
  • Public Safety: Implementation of the Ventura County Sheriff Office and District Attorney’s Office Organized Retail Theft Task Force to combat and reduce organized retail theft.

“The FY25 budget has been crafted with careful consideration to the County’s dedication to providing quality community services while balancing our commitment to long-term financial sustainability,” shared Scott Powers, Chief Financial Officer. “In addition, this budget puts the County in an optimal position to adjust to State budget impacts for this coming fiscal year and future years.”

In addition to a balanced budget, the County of Ventura continues to maintain the highest long-term credit ratings – Aaa – from Moody’s, as well as the AAA long-term credit rating from Standard & Poor’s.