3C-REN Provides Electric Induction Cooktops to Local Libraries


3C-REN (Tri-County Regional Energy Network), a partnership between the Counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura that delivers energy-saving programs, is partnering with participating Santa Barbara and Ventura County libraries to provide electric-powered magnetic induction cooktops that local residents can check out and use at home. Included with the portable cooktop is an induction-compatible cooking pan, and helpful information about cooking with induction in both English and Spanish. The cooktops will be available starting August 5, 2022.

“Cooking with induction has many benefits over gas and electric ranges. It is safer, more efficient, and climate-friendly. It also supports the state’s initiative toward moving to electrification to meet climate goals and reduce use of fossil fuels,” said Erica Helson, 3C-REN Portfolio Manager. “This program offers residents the opportunity to try cooking with induction at home before they decide to make a permanent switch.”

Other benefits of induction cooking include faster, more precise heating, easier control of temperature, and the elimination of indoor air pollution from gas appliances. Residents can use the cooktop to test a variety of different recipes and when finished, return it to the library.

To learn more about cooktops, and other energy-saving tools, and find a participating library, visit 3C-REN’s Home Energy Savings online at www.3c-ren.org/diy-toolkit/.

3C-REN (The Tri-County Regional Energy Network) is a partnership between the Counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. 3C-REN takes a holistic approach to improve energy efficiency and develop the workforce in the tri-county region. These efforts reduce energy use, strengthen local job markets and support climate goals. For more information, visit www.3c-ren.org.