County of Ventura

Assessor completes $152 billion tax roll for property tax year 2021-22


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Ventura, CA – County Assessor Dan Goodwin announced the certification and delivery of Ventura County’s annual assessment roll to Auditor-Controller Jeff Burgh Monday, June 28, on time and includes adjustments for impacts of the pandemic.

“My office has been following the economic impact of the pandemic closely. Restricted access to workplaces and other virus-related effects have taken their financial toll on many business’s property values,” said Dan Goodwin, County Assessor. The office was proactive in reviewing these property declines on commercial and industrial properties and with documented support from these businesses determined the appropriate temporary declines in values. Most residential property did not suffer adverse market value conditions during 2020.

Due to a lower inflation factor about 209,000 properties received a modest increase of 1% instead of the usual 2% increase, which was set by a 1978 ballot measure known as Prop 13. However, some properties may see a larger increase due to their recent sales history or new construction.

The Local Roll now contains a record $152 billion in assessed value. The County saw a tenth consecutive annual increase in total roll value with this year’s assessment roll increasing 3.6% over last year, which is remarkable given the challenges our community has faced.

At this time, the Assessor’s Office is preparing to send assessed value notices to about 250,000 taxpayers in Ventura County by late July 2021. There are several tax savings programs, which were also applied to disabled veterans, hospitals, churches, colleges, museums, and non-profit organizations such as those that provide low-income housing. This year, over $4.5 billion was exempted from the roll, an increase of 3.86% over last year.

For questions about the value notice or claims about assessed values that may be more than market value on January 1, 2021, please contact Assessor staff at (805) 654-2181 or visit the website at Assessment Appeal Applications can be filed with the Clerk of the Assessment Appeals Board until September 15 by calling (805) 654-2251 or by visiting