County of Ventura

Board of Supervisors Approves New Five-Year Contract for County Executive Officer


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Ventura, CA – On Tuesday, July 27, the County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to extend the contract for County Executive Officer, Mike Powers, through July 2026. Each of the five Board members commented on the excellent work of Mike Powers, citing his leadership through some of the most difficult and challenging times.

“Mr. Powers has demonstrated tremendous leadership as our County Executive Officer, delivering on the goals set forth by our Board while guiding the County through the challenges and impacts of the pandemic,” said Chair Linda Parks. “This pandemic response included significant support for our most vulnerable including seniors, farmworkers, and individuals experiencing homelessness, as well as strong financial support for pandemic impacted businesses through the provisioning of $60 million in business assistance grants and more than $7 million in business fee waivers. Additionally, Mr. Powers’ leadership has guided vaccination efforts that have resulted in one of the highest vaccination rates among counties in the state and in the nation.”

Mike Powers was first appointed to the position in December 2010 and this is the fourth renewal of his contract with the County. Board members noted Mike Powers’ work ethic, responsiveness, support during recent emergencies and dedication to serving community members of Ventura County with professionalism and compassion.

“I deeply appreciate the support of the Board. We could not do what we do without the Board support. I am also very grateful to serve alongside our County leadership team and our County workforce. Seeing the work that they have done during this pandemic shows what can be done when we all work together towards a shared mission,” said County Executive Officer Mike Powers. “There is a lot ahead of us, but the work across our 25 agencies and departments will allow the County to achieve the goals that have been set by the Board and to capitalize on the enhanced connections developed through our pandemic response between our departments as well as our local government and community partners to better serve our community.”

In recognition of comparative salary and benefit information with administrators of other comparable counties in California with hospital systems, an increase in compensation rate of 5% was also approved by the Board. The contract extension is based on the Board’s performance assessment rating of Mike Powers as exceptional over the past 11 years.

“Over the course of the past eighteen months significant additional progress towards the goals and priorities set by our Board has also been made, among these being disaster resilience and recovery, health and safety transformations, including support for the clinic integration project, diversity, equity and inclusion, community engagement, mental and public health, sustainability, the prioritization of homeless, veterans and children’s services, and increased emphasis on economic vitality,” said Chair Linda Parks. “Strong financial performance has enabled the County to move forward on programs while also supporting pandemic recovery efforts. A highly successful complete count on the 2020 census was also supported amongst the difficult challenges of the pandemic.”

With the 5% increase, Mike Powers’ salary will be $328,974.83.