Board of Supervisors approve adoption of Disability Access Strategic Plan


VENTURA, Calif. – Through unanimous vote during the regular meeting on Tuesday, January 23, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors approved the adoption of a 2024-2027 County Disability Access Strategic Plan. The plan outlines key goals that advocate for increased transportation options, ensuring digital accessibility, enhancing physical access to facilities, prioritizing community relationships, education, and emergency preparedness. The plan is the first of its kind for the County of Ventura and represents a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to fostering a more inclusive and accessible community.

“This strategic plan will provide a strong foundation for the County’s work in disability access,” stated Supervisor Kelly Long, Chair of the Board of Supervisors. “I appreciate the internal and external focus on expanding disability access within our local community and finding new and innovative ways to partner with the community.”

The Disability Access Strategic Plan outlines the following four key areas of focus:

  • Accessible, Mobile, and Reliable Foundation
  • Environment Focused on Disability Community Incorporation
  • Employment Strategies Supporting Model Employer Excellence and Economic Vitality
  • Youth Leadership and Independence Stimulus

“The strategic plan will provide strong areas of focus that will set the tone as the County expands efforts to engage proactively with the disability community,” said Dr. Sevet Johnson, County Executive Officer. “The County looks forward to creating strong partnerships and significant change to generate exciting opportunities for wider disability access.” 

The County’s Disability Strategic Plan is an investment in a more inclusive, accessible, and vibrant future for county residents which focuses on initiatives that support the creation of opportunities for residents in the community to thrive.

“The Disability Access Strategic Plan is critical to the County’s ability to move forward in the crucial areas outlined,” said Disability Access Manager Dani Anderson. “Access encompasses many components and the County’s focus on the priorities outlined in the plan will ensure new and positive growth in this space. It is an extraordinary opportunity for me to work from a place of dedication and lived experience to benefit our disability community.”

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