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Celebration of Probation Services Week 2021 – Probation Chief Honors Peace Officer and Civilian Staff Who Help Keep Our Communities Safe


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Ventura, CA – Ventura County Probation Chief Mark Varela announced this year’s annual Probation Services Week will be taking place from July 18 – July 24, 2021 to honor probation professionals who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe and support the rehabilitative process for justice-involved individuals under their supervision and care. The year’s Probation Services Week theme is “Restoring Trust, Creating Hope.” Throughout this week, the Probation Agency will be recognizing and celebrating the work Probation does throughout Ventura County to restore trust, create hope, and provide accountability and opportunity for justice-involved individuals.

“This week, we recognize and celebrate the important role probation professionals play in local justice systems throughout our nation. Now more than ever before, probation agencies are at the forefront of leading systemic change in criminal justice practices,” said Probation Chief Mark Varela.

For decades Probation in California has led, collaborated, and defended effective reforms within the justice systems. Probation is focused on helping justice-involved individuals transition out of the system permanently through transformative and evidence-based rehabilitation. Probation agencies are a connector in the justice system: interlacing and maximizing the resources available within the courts, local governments, law enforcement, social services, schools, non-profits and the community to reduce recidivism by carefully balancing direct human services and research-based education and interventions. Together, this approach provides the help and accountability needed to create hope and restore trust.

Probation continues to support and advocate for policies that will further California’s focus to help justice-involved individuals transition back to our communities safely by applying an equity lens to ensure these policies will effectively address the diverse needs of those in the justice system.

The proclamation commemorating Probation Services Week from California Governor Gavin Newsom reads in part,

“Probation Departments have a profound impact on the safety and health of our communities by working to tackle the underlying causes of crime and reduce recidivism. Their success fosters a safer environment for all Californians to live and prosper. This week, I encourage all Californians to join me in recognizing Probation’s invaluable contributions to our communities and state.”

During Probation Services Week, the Probation Agency recognizes probation professionals for their dedication to the individuals we assist and the communities we serve.