County of Ventura

County Board of Supervisors approves concept for 3rd Business Assistance Grant Program


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Ventura, CA – Today, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the concept of a 3rd Business Assistance Grant Program to provide $5,000 grants to recipients of the County’s first and second Business Assistance Grant Programs totaling $30,700,000 in additional assistance bringing the total amount to more than $60 million in grants for local businesses. Staff will return to the Board with a final program for approval.

“The coronavirus pandemic has created both a health and economic crisis. Local businesses have been subjected to shutdowns, reduced capacity, and health and safety protocols that have inflicted a significant financial burden,” said County Executive Officer Mike Powers. “The survival of our local businesses, the economy, and jobs they support is essential to the wellbeing of Ventura County. Every business matters. Each one represents owners, workers, jobs and families that are vital to our community. We hope additional support will help these businesses continue to move forward.”

As this pandemic has endured, the impact on our community and businesses has continued to grow, and there is an even greater need for additional assistance. The proposed third County business grant program will include an additional $5,000 grant for successful applicants to the County’s first and second business assistance grant programs. This would mean up to 6,139 businesses could receive a second $5,000 grant check representing approximately $30,700,000 in assistance.

“Given the pandemic’s extreme impact on our local economy our small businesses continue to be impacted. They really need our continued to support to not only survive but thrive as they recover,” said Deputy Executive Officer Paul Stamper.

In order to mitigate the devastating economic impacts of this emergency on our local business community, the Board of Supervisors authorized multiple assistance measures to support businesses. These assistance measures have included tens of millions of dollars in fee waivers, rental assistance, and business assistance grants. The County’s first business grant program resulted in 3,868 local small businesses receiving a $5,000 grant. This represented approximately $19,340,000 in direct assistance. This County’s second business grant program is underway now. There were 2,271 applications submitted and qualified applicants will receive a $5,000 grant for a total amount of up to $11,355,000 in assistance.

The County of Ventura has provided more than $186 million in local assistance which includes 50% of the County’s total COVID spending plan through June 30, 2021 including Project Roomkey, Senior Nutrition Programs, Rental Assistance Program, Business Assistance Programs, City Support, Food Share Support, Farmworker Assistance and non-profit hospital support. Community support has also been provided through $77 million in COVID-19 testing resources and $9 million in vaccine deployment.