Ventura County Cultural Heritage Program announces four new landmark designations


VENTURA, Calif.- The Ventura County Cultural Heritage Program is pleased to announce the designation of four new Ventura County Landmarks that received that designation between 2021-2022. The newly designated properties include those that honor the historical development of Ventura County. The designations identify these properties for their scientific, educational, and cultural value in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of Ventura County.

The new landmarks include:

  • Bella Vista Ranch, Ojai Valley
  • McNell Ranch, Ojai Valley
  • Noble Oaks Estate, Ojai Valley
  • Edgington Oxnard Oil Derrick, Oxnard Plain

The Cultural Heritage Program, administered by the Resource Management Agency’s Planning Division, recognizes historic properties and promotes the identification, inventory, preservation, and protection of these resources for present and future generations. All such efforts are taken to make the residents and visitors of Ventura County mindful of the rich historical, cultural, and natural heritage of the county.

Designated historic properties are afforded additional protections during project review to help ensure that they will maintain their cultural heritage values, including character-defining features, or those important physical aspects of a site’s design and form which identify it as belonging to a specific time and place. Designation may also provide an owner of a historic property with additional land use and building code benefits and the opportunity to lower their property taxes in exchange for an investment in preservation.

Please visit the County of Ventura’s Resource Management Agency’s Cultural Heritage Board webpage for more information on the program and an interactive map displaying historical landmarks and other points of interest.

Please note that unless indicated otherwise, County Landmarks are private property and not open to the public.

Please visit the following link to view the Ventura County Landmarks newly designated in 2021-2022: