County launches an electronic General Plan platform and releases Spanish version for greater accessibility

County Launches an Electronic General Plan Platform and Releases Spanish version for Greater Accessibility


VENTURA, CA – The County of Ventura has launched an electronic version of the 2040 General Plan and released a Spanish version to enhance community accessibility. The 2040 General Plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on September 15, 2020. Following its adoption, the Resource Management Agency’s Planning Division included in its Work Plan the development of an electronic web-based General Plan (e-General Plan) and translation of the General Plan into Spanish, based on community feedback. The expanded features and language accessibility aim to provide an easier experience for community members to better understand how Ventura County will grow and change in the next 20 years.

“We are grateful to provide a more accessible experience for community members given the extensive community feedback we have heard around the importance of accessing critical information about the future of our county,” said Chair of the Board of Supervisors Carmen Ramirez.

The e-General Plan provides an online interactive platform to access the General Plan using innovative features such as multiple search and filter functions, selective bookmarking features, and exporting capabilities for customizable lists of policies and programs. Users will be able to search for cross-cutting themes, (e.g., climate action, healthy communities), keywords and topics, specific policies and programs, and the implementation status of programs in the General Plan. These features will make important information in the General Plan easier to locate.

“Our hope is that these enhanced tools and resources will serve our community so that any community member or partner who wants to be more informed or engaged in the process of seeing through the priorities in the 2040 General Plan can easily do so,” added Interim County Executive Officer Dr. Sevet Johnson.

Over 30% of households in Ventura County speak Spanish at home as a primary language. To build on the County’s commitment to language accessibility, the Planning Division also translated the General Plan into Spanish in response to community feedback. The Spanish version of the General Plan aims to enhance accessibility and expand connections with Ventura County’s Spanish-speaking communities.

The Spanish version of the General Plan can be accessed online from the e-General Plan, as well as from the Planning Division website. A hard copy of the Spanish version of the General Plan is available at the Planning Counter at the Ventura County Government Center, Hall of Administration at 800 S. Victoria Ave. in Ventura. To receive additional information about the Spanish General Plan in Spanish, please call 805-654-2497. Community members may also request assistance with the General Plan by calling 805-654-2493.

To access the e-General Plan, visit To access the Spanish version of the General Plan, visit