County of Ventura

Empowering the Next Generation of Public Servants One Person at a Time: Sabrina Anderson’s Journey


When it comes to empowering the next generation of public servants, Sabrina Anderson does so on a person- by- person basis by helping County of Ventura constituents realize their own success and talent through her work. “I am really interested in seeing the generations understand how important public service is,” said Sabrina Anderson. “I’ve gotten to see that public service can be my dream, and I just want to give that opportunity to other people as well.”

Anderson has a strong passion for leaving a positive impact on others, and as a result wears multiple hats at the County of Ventura, including working both in recruitment and talent acquisition as a recruiter and as the head of the County college and high school internship programs. Her ten years of expertise and experience with the County have equipped her to empower every type of public servant, and ever since she helped develop the “Summer at the County” internship, she has been committed to building and perfecting the internship programs to give students the tools they need to succeed inside and outside of the public sector. “The idea that I get to come into work and help people get jobs [and] get to empower young people to follow their dreams is really cool to me,” said Anderson.

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