County of Ventura

Leading Through Crisis with Mindfulness: Anna Kumor’s Journey


From the moment Anna Kumor started her career, she knew she wanted to help people. “It’s part of my DNA,” said Kumor. “[Helping people] was a part of how I was raised.” It’s no wonder she is the Ventura County Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Director, which provides counseling and mental health services to County employees and their family members. She and a team of licensed mental health professionals use their expertise to help County employees navigate work and personal relationships, as well as teach mindfulness techniques to help employees succeed. Kumor has brought nearly 10 years of clinical experience to her role at the County of Ventura, and after hoping to find an opportunity to work with public servants in particular, she landed in her leadership role as agency director of the Ventura County EAP.

Her connection to public servitude is why she feels called to use her skills in the public sector, and enjoys getting to learn about the journeys of others through her work. “Just meeting all of the different people and hearing about everyone’s stories makes me want to make them successful,” said Kumor. “I’ve met so many people who care so much about their community, and I care so much about their wellbeing. It’s this beautiful ripple effect that just goes on.” Kumor continues to cultivate this ripple-effect by leading by example within her practice, and equipping people with the tools to learn how to do that for themselves as well. “Leading by example means taking care of yourself. If you’re in a good state of mind, and health, then you can help others achieve the same,” said Kumor. “It helps if you can manage your own emotions. If you do your deep breathing, or whatever it takes, and if you’re a good listener, you make a really big difference in the world.”

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