Prepare for Heavy Rains

Prepare for Heavy Rains


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CAMARILLO, Calif. – With forecasts calling for a series of rainstorms through much of the week, the Ventura County Fire Department encourages residents to prepare for the possibility of localized flooding and mudslides, especially in areas burned by recent fires.

“It’s not too late to prepare. A quick survey of your residence and property can identify potential problems before the next set of storms begin,” Chief Mark Lorenzen said. “Simple steps can make a big difference in staying safe and protecting your home.”

One area of particular concern is La Conchita, which has received 5.9 inches of rain in the past two weeks. Up to 2 inches of rain are forecast for that area from the storm expected to arrive Wednesday night, which could approach mudslide potential.

Here are some tips for protecting your home and staying safe:

  • Clear gutters on your home and storm drains of leaves and debris
  • Use sandbags to protect flood prone areas
  • Prepare an emergency “go kit” and remember the six P’s of evacuation

    1. People and pets
    2. Papers, phone numbers and important documents
    3. Prescriptions, vitamins, and eyeglasses
    4. Pictures and irreplaceable memorabilia
    5. Personal computers (information on hard drives & disks)
    6. Plastic (credit cards, ATM cards, & cash)

  • Identify locations of safe refuge and prepare for extended periods away from your residence
  • Ensure all family members have updated contact information and can be readily notified

For updates on emergency incidents, visit and sign up for VC Alert.

More details on rain preparations and where you can get sandbags are available at