Community Members Invited To Public Workshops For Proposed Changes To The 2022 Ventura County Building Code

Community Members Invited to Public Workshops for Proposed Changes to the 2022 Ventura County Building Code


VENTURA, CA – The Ventura County Building and Safety Division is updating the 2019 Ventura County Building Code to adopt and amend the 2022 California Building Codes. The County will hold two public workshops for community members to learn about the process and review these proposed amendments. The amendments being considered apply to the unincorporated areas of Ventura County and include important new changes for constructing and retrofitting structures in fire zones and new provisions for all-electric appliances and equipment in new construction.

The proposed requirements for construction in Fire Zones are intended to reduce the risk to existing buildings that were not constructed to meet the current standards to protect combustible buildings from flying embers during wildfires, which became effective in 2008. The new provisions also enhance fire protection measures for new construction to improve a building’s resistance to heat and flames produced by wildland fires on large undeveloped slopes.

These proposed amendments will modify the state building codes for local conditions and implement programs outlined in the 2040 General Plan to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in support of countywide climate action goals.

The Ventura County Building and Safety Division will hold two public workshops to receive input on these proposed amendments. Both workshops will be conducted virtually on Zoom. The workshops are open to anyone interested in participating and Spanish interpreters will be available. Workshops will be held on August 18 and August 23 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST.

Workshop questions should be directed to with “August Workshops” in the subject line. Zoom links are provided below.

For more information on the proposed amendments and public workshops, please visit the Ventura County Building and Safety Division’s website at