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Santa Rosa Valley Park Gate Fees


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Contact: Ron VanDyck, Deputy Director Parks, 805-654-4761,,
Brian Stark, COSCA Administrator, 805-449-2345,

Feb 25, 2020

Ventura, Calif. – The Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA) has announced an agreement with the County of Ventura Parks Department to cover the costs of day use parking fees at the Santa Rosa Valley Regional Park located at 10241 Hill Canyon Road in Thousand Oaks. The regional County park offers 50 acres of natural open space, trails for horseback riding, wilderness exploring and hiking. Visitors can access several local trails from the park.

This agreement was approved by the COSCA board on February 12, 2020 and by the Board of Supervisors on February 25, 2020 at their scheduled board hearing. “Our County extends our gratitude to the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency for making a beautiful hiking experience more accessible with free parking at Santa Rosa Valley Park,” said Supervisor Linda Parks. COSCA will now be able to direct hikers to the park and out of the Wildwood trailhead neighborhood relieving the parking overflow.

“COSCA sees the partnership and agreement as the most cost-effective way to improve our trailhead parking. By joining forces with County Parks to help pay for maintenance of available facilities at the Park, we can achieve more efficiency over building and maintaining a new separate lot. The park also benefits from COSCA’s contributions to maintenance and by attracting more use to the park,” said Brian Stark, COSCA Administrator.

Parking fees for Group Events will still be required. Parking fees range from $2 during the weekdays to $5 on the weekends. As part of the briefing given to the board, County of Ventura Parks will also be pursuing additional amenities to add to the park. Some amenities being considered include dry camping sites, a day use group area and a dog park.

The County of Ventura Parks Department is a department of the General Services Agency and is charged with the planning, development, maintenance, and operation of various recreational facilities throughout Ventura County. County parks are funded and operated with revenues received from user fees and grants. The department is not supported by local tax dollars through the County General Fund. All user fees are retained by the Parks Enterprise Fund for the continued maintenance and enhancement of its recreational facilities.

For more information on County parks and trails, please visit or call (805) 654-3951.

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