County of Ventura holds 150th Anniversary Kickoff Celebration with the Museum of Ventura County


VENTURA, Calif. – On Friday, June 23, the County of Ventura, in partnership with the Museum of Ventura County, held the 150th Anniversary Kickoff Event. The evening event, which was open to the public and held at the Museum of Ventura County, marks the beginning of 150 days of celebration in honor of the County’s sesquicentennial anniversary. Attendees came from across the County and included elected officials, business owners and leaders, and representatives from community-based organizations.

“In the last 150 years, we have grown from a small region of 3,500 people to a larger, mainly urban county of over 850,000 people,” said Supervisor Matt LaVere, Chair of the Board of Supervisors. “A lot has changed, but at the core we’re still a region strongly driven by agriculture and a county where, while we have grown significantly, we’re not so large that we’ve lost the sense of community that brings us together.”

The evening event featured County and community speakers who shared the importance of the occasion. Chumash elder Julie Tumamait-Stenslie opened the evening with a traditional Chumash blessing. Remarks were also shared by District 1 Supervisor Matt LaVere, Chair of the Board of Supervisors, County CEO Dr. Sevet Johnson, Roberto Vargas, member of the Latino Advisory Board of the Museum of Ventura County, and Elena Brokaw, Executive Director for the Museum of Ventura County. As well, guests were treated to the opening of three new historical exhibits within the Museum.

“We’re so excited to be marking this momentous occasion in our county’s history”, shared Dr. Sevet Johnson, County Executive Officer. “We’re looking forward to co-hosting events with the Museum in all the districts to allow residents from across the county various opportunities to engage with and celebrate the 150th anniversary and the history and achievements of our communities.”

Over the next 5 months, pop-up celebration events will be held throughout Ventura County with the intention to allow residents the opportunity to celebrate and learn more about the history of the county. Information on upcoming events can be found at

“We are excited to celebrate that we live in a community that was purposefully created, that we have created a unique place through innovation, ingenuity, and grit, and that our leaders through the ages have valued the power of collaboration,” stated Elena Brokaw, Executive Director for the Museum of Ventura County. “The creation of the series of the upcoming programs is a living example of that.”

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