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Ventura County Harbor Department Director Announces Retirement


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Ventura, CA – Following a long career of public service and waterfront leadership, Ventura County Harbor Department Director Mark Sandoval has announced his retirement from his position effective August 31, 2021. “Mark’s leadership has put the Ventura County Harbor Department on an outstanding path. I appreciate his genuine and proactive outreach efforts. His focus on community engagement has created a path to major improvements in the harbor. His cooperative approach has put us on a path towards developing and enhancing a collective mission with the community, city, County and lessees. It is this spirit of engagement and collaboration that we are committed to continue as we move forward,” said County Executive Officer Mike Powers. “Mark was a neighbor in the harbor, he was available at the weekly Farmers Market, he became part of the community he served and that made all the difference in having open, candid discussions and reaching compromise. He truly set the stage for great things ahead for the harbor.”

“It has been an honor serving at the helm of a great department with talented and dedicated people. We have been able to accomplish several major items during my tenure here with the support of CEO Mike Powers and the Board of Supervisors,” Mark said. “I would have liked to continue to lead the Harbor Department, but a recent health challenge has changed my priorities and accelerated my retirement so that I can move to my home in Alabama and spend more time with my grandchildren.”

During his tenure at the Harbor Department, Mark’s focus on community engagement has led to exciting opportunities for the area. He led the negotiation of a cooperation agreement between the County of Ventura and City of Oxnard for major improvements. He also conducted a Visioning Process, which provides the framework for future development in partnership with the community and stakeholders. He also launched the Channel Islands Harbor Academy, an outreach effort to engage with the community and lessees.

Mark joined the Ventura County Harbor Department in July 2018 after spending nearly 20 years as the waterfront manager for the city of Long Beach and five years as the general manager at Lakes Nacimiento and San Antonio.

“We appreciate Mark providing advanced notice to allow time to identify his successor,” added Powers.

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