Health Resources and Services Administration 2020 Awardee

Ventura County Health Care Agency Named Amongst Highest Performing Health Centers Nationwide; Receives Three Awards from U.S. Health and Human Services for Quality


VENTURA, CA – The Ventura County Health Care Agency is proud to receive three awards from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) via the U.S. Health Resources and Administration (HRSA) for the quality of our clinics. 

HRSA recently recognized our Ventura County Community Health Centers based on our 2019 Universal Data System (UDS) data. Our 18 Federally Qualified Ventura County Community Health Centers are ranked in the top 20 percent of the 1,400 community health centers in the nation due to our performance.  

While HRSA’s quality improvement awards recognize the highest performing health centers nationwide, they also award those health centers that have made significant quality improvements from the previous year.

For 2020, VCHCA received the Silver Health Center Quality Leader Award, Advancing HIT for Quality Award, and The Clinical Quality Improvers Award:

The Silver Quality Leader Award acknowledges that VCHCA achieved best overall clinical performance among all health centers and are recognized in the top 11-20 percent for clinical quality measures (CQM’s) in 2019. These CQM’s include: early entry into prenatal care, childhood immunizations, tobacco screening and cessation intervention, HIV linkage to care, assessment and counseling for nutrition and physical activity in children and adolescents, colorectal cancer screenings, and dental sealants in children.

The Advancing HIT for Quality Award recognizes health centers that optimized Health Information Technology services for advancing telehealth, patient engagement, interoperability, and collection of social determinants of health to increase access to care and advance quality of care between 2018 and 2019.

The Clinical Quality Improvers Award recognizes that VCHCA demonstrated at least 15 percent improvement for each CQM from 2018 to 2019.

In 2019, VCHCA clinics served 106,109 individuals with at least one visit. Of these patients, 11,958 were homeless, and 4,212 were agricultural workers. Our Community Health Centers offer access to quality primary care, specialty, dental, behavioral health, and ancillary services, often to our community’s most underserved and vulnerable. 

Additionally, this recognition brought forth $249, 131 to “further strengthen quality improvement activities and expand quality primary health care service delivery”, per HRSA.

The Ventura County Health Care Agency is grateful to our incredible network of medical and administrative professionals who are dedicated to providing quality health care every day. 

We are honored to be named amongst the best Community Health Centers in the nation.